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At Medical Marijuana Card Ny, we’re dedicated to exploring the dynamic world of medical marijuana. We invite industry experts, medical professionals, patients, and enthusiasts to contribute their knowledge and experiences to our growing community.

What We're Looking For

We accept submissions on a range of topics related to medical marijuana, including research updates, personal stories, cultivation advice, legal insights, and product reviews. Our goal is to provide informative, educational, and engaging content to our readers.

Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your articles or pitches, please adhere to these STRICT requirements:

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We also offer the opportunity for sponsored posts. These are a great way to increase visibility for your brand or product in the cannabis community.

We will be labelled as “sponsored posts” in compliance with legal requirements.

How to Submit

Contact us for getting set up as a contributor to the site. You can email us at and we will reply to you within 24-48 hours

Community Terms and Conditions

By submitting your article to or in any other way to us, you agree to irrevocably assign all rights, title, and interest in the content to Medical Marijuana Card Ny. This includes ownership of related third-party materials. We reserve the right to edit and publish the content on various media outlets without explicit mention of your name.

You agree not to use, publish, share, edit, reproduce, or republish any content provided to us on any other platform without our express prior written consent.

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